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Custom local banners

Add the below script to the begin (so important) of your Footer Script (Admin panel > Storefront > Footer Script)

    (function () {
        var $ = window.jQuerySupermarket;
        var $regions = $('[data-emthemesmodez-remote-banner]');

        $regions.each(function (id, region) {
            var $region = $(region);
            $region.after($('[data-emthemesmodez-local-banner="' + $'emthemesmodezRemoteBanner') + '"]'));

If you want to show a banner for a specific product, you need to adjust a little of the banner HTML that you get from the generator in our document.

Find in the outermost <tag>:

id="the banner id"

Replace with:

data-emthemesmodez-local-banner="the banner id"


The HTML you get from our generator:

<div id="emthemesModezBannersBlockAfterRating" class="emthemesModezBannersBlockAfterRating">
    Banner HTML...

The adjusted HTML:

<div data-emthemesmodez-local-banner="emthemesModezBannersBlockAfterRating" class="emthemesModezBannersBlockAfterRating">
        Banner HTML...

Then copy and paste this HTML to the end of a product description HTML, see screenshot

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